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We specialize in carpentry works and custom made carpentry works with the essentials to acquire a deep experience withnot just colours but also to understand their psychological effects, and understand the meaning each colour has on individuals in different locations and situations in order to create suitable and harmonious combinations for each individual or project we have.


Soft accessories, such as couch pillows, fluffy rugs if combined with carpentry renovation selangor typically offer opportunities to bring in eye-catching colours and patterns capable not only of dazzling guests but also has a calming effect when you’re alone. For a more serene space, however, focus on adding a range of textures possibly wooden flooring you could get from carpentry renovation selangor that feel good to touch instead.

You want the room to have different materials, different patterns and maybe something closer to nature like wood that has a smooth finish to make the space interesting but not visually overwhelming.

Handmade products by international artisans can also work quite well. Very often, WCJ Design & Reno Sdn Bhd will aim to bring in some culturally affiliated and multinational items that compliment your home.

When the waste basket in a bathroom or home office is made from unsightly plastic or metal, another one of our favorite tricks is to hide it within a larger handmade wood or ceramic vessel. Its all about tones and textures

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