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Who We Are ?

We’re veterans in our field, we’ve undertaken and completed countless design, renovation, building and construction jobs and projects. With almost 20 years of experience under our belt we understand the importance of ideas and making them a reality. We know every home or commercial renovation requires critical decisions and a huge amount of time. Therefore we have some of the most experienced minds in the industry to turn those dreams into reality.

We provide unique design solutions that are customized and tailored to your needs, plus an industry-leading guaranteed timeframe and economical prices for ultimate peace of mind.


All About Us

We’re passionate about what we do and our experience has made us experts in commercial and home fitting, partitioning, layout and design. Our work really speaks for itself and can be found in some of the city’s most dynamic, high profile brands. Our excellent service for commercial and residential renovations includes project management to ensure that your new premise is ready as efficiently as possible and that business downtime is minimized.

In this way, instead of coordinating a variety of suppliers and contractors, everything is done for you here at WC Design and Reno. A broad range of projects and experience enables us at WC Design and Reno to tackle a wide range of building projects within the following sectors:


Best of Renovator in Selangor, House Renovation Contractor


For renovator in selangor construction and renovation has long been used as a response to a higher demand for new buildings. There has been a preference to demolish older buildings to allow new construction rather than renovate them. In the past, fires and wars have destroyed the building stock and inadvertently cancelled out the need for renovation. As a result of new construction, building stock has expanded much in recent times, and house renovation contractor acknowledge that it is valued as a part of sustainable development. The battle against climate change has increased interested in renovation and the need for house renovation contractor. A high amount of cuts in greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved by making building stock energy efficient.


Renovator in Selangor have identified that building stock consumes a great deal of energy, it promises a huge variety of potential benefits. In contrast with many other consumers of the usual fossil fuel energy, the energy requirements of the building stock can be satisfied with low-emission sources of energy or with renewable energy. As a result of the higher quantities and ageing of the building stock and new requirements for its energy-efficiency, renovation is seen as a growth sector in developed countries. House renovation contractor has also become keen on commercially interesting market for businesses, as property owners have relinquished their own maintenance organisations.


Renovator in Selangor are undergoing a transition, with several development options to choose from. The biggest question is should existing building stock be made more energy-efficient through renovation, or should existing buildings be replaced with new and more energy-efficient ones? There is also a question on various entities that maybe

The building stock and its properties have been widely studied. In contrast, renovation has received much less attention from governments and those involved in construction than has new construction.