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Our services encompass of design, build and renovate. We have a proven records and successful project throughout the years.

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Whether you’re looking for something professional, chic, retro or a little grace and flair we’ve got the right people to put it all on paper. Lets get your visions measured and fine printed and of to the builders to realise them.


interior design selangor


With a team of passionate and motivated builders, WC Reno Sdn Bhd have a dedication for designing and building the most versatile, beautiful and functional homes and offices in Malaysia. These new buildings are tailored to your needs with comfort, convenience and style at the core of every design.

interior design selangor


The desired and expected outcome of a successful renovation is to find the best balance of value, functionality and visual appeal for your project. As a renovation may be one of the most significant projects you will undertake, choosing the right builder is paramount in ensuring you have a good renovation experience. You are entitled to get the maximum value and enjoyment for the amount you are planning to invest.


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A home should be a refuge, an escape – a calm, warm, homely place to unwind at the end of the day. But all too often it falls short of that ideal. Interior design selangor understands that the usual clutter piles up and the sofa gets stained, the lighting seems cold and somewhat gloomy, the colours of the paint aren’t quite what we expected and the furniture don’t work together to form a cohesive harmonious whole. We face this problem anywhere in the world but here but proper interior design selangor can provide you with some basic steps following a few simple steps, however, it’s possible to calm the chaos and clutter and take control of make any house or apartment a more welcoming home.

Interior design selangor suggest to bring in some new items to make your home more in tune with its surroundings, but before that step begins, it’s important to deal with what you currently have. Prior to starting a full scale revamp, set goals for what you want to achieve.

People have different ambitions for their homes, and differences in what they want. You might desire a Zen-inspired retreat, a gallery-like interior that showcases an art collection, or a pillowy palace full of soft surfaces. Each of these goals will require different types of objects and furniture, in different quantities and placements. If you don’t stay alone you will also need to work out these goals with them before you proceed. If you strongly disagree, think compromise. Or you can just get a professional from interior design selangor.

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